Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter - Kwam Rak Mai Style

Easter Sunday was wonderful.  As much as I love Water's Edge and would have loved to be at our Easter service, I would not have traded my day for anything.  It started off by me picking up Honey for church.  Her first experience with a Christian church.  She was very excited!!  About 15 minutes into worship, Honey's roommate, Oon walked in.  This was a complete surprise to me.  I had invited her to come the night before, but she didn't act interested.  Oon stayed with me all day.  I picked up Nam at her bar at 2:30 then we all went to the market.  When we got back to my room from the market Niky, Toon, and Raya were waiting for us.  We all got busy cooking!  Our Easter dinner went great!  We had 7 bar girls come to dinner.  2 of the girls I expected to come went out of town last minute, but they should be able to come next time.  We ate dinner, played a few games of cards then took a little break to share the meaning of Easter with the girls.  Courtney, Maegan, and I picked out a special card and wrote a message about God's Love and our love for them to each girl.  We also gave each girl a rose.  The girls loved this.  After all that we played more cards and laughed a lot!!  I think they all left that night feeling very special! 

Pewah (15) and Nam (21) - Soi 6 girls

As the weeks go by and I spend more and more time with these girls I can feel the walls being torn down.  The girls are sharing more and more with me and trusting me more.  I feel like God is preparing their hearts and minds to receive his love.  Please continue to pray for the girls, my ministry here, and for me. 

Thank you and God bless,

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